Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Awesome Nebo Athletes

We are proud of all of the athletes. Those who receive gold medals will be going to state on March 27th in SLC. Super Guys and Gal used their super powers to win the gold! (missing: Nikki Newell)
The high rollers in silver

The incredibles looking incredible in their shiny silver

the razzle dazzle rollers dazzling the crowd with their fourth place ribbons

Team Super awesome got the gold. That is awesome!!

Team Perfect Score, scored big!!

Team fast and furious!! I hope they weren't furious they got the bronze

The strikers!! What a bunch of striking guys!

The crowd pleasers certainly pleased us with their bronze medals.

THe Fantastic Four, looking fantastic and fabulous with silver dangling around their necks

The Hots Shots looking hot in gold.

Team knock em down, with fourth place ribbons they knocked over pins and downed their drinks.

Good friends!

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